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Low Pressure Moulding

Low Pressure Overmoulding encapsulates and protects of PCB & Cable Assemblies.

It is an innovative encapsulation process positioned between traditional potting and injection moulding technologies. It is a complimentary technology. It does not replace all potting applications and typically doesn‘t compete with traditional injection moulding.

LPO is an injection process whereby a PCB assembly, for example, is placed in a specially manufactured aluminium mould tool, and completely surrounded

( overmoulded ) with a liquid compound that effectively forms the housing for the device.

There are many benefits of Low Pressure Overmoulding:

  • Rugged, almost unbreakable protection – resistance to shock
  •  Effective strain relief
  •  Attractive – Option to mould company logos or part numbers
  •  Tamperproof and environmentally sealed
  •  Eliminates the need for housing as required in potting
  •  Very little waste
  •  No toxic fumes – an environmentally friendly process

Our Overmoulding Service capabilities and benefits:

  • Design to delivery of custom made PCB and Cable Assemblies
  • 3D CAD design facility for Tooling design and manufacture in the UK
  • Consultancy and advice on materials and equipment
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Low cost manufacture of assemblies in Romania
  • Excellent support and outstanding service

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Low Pressure Moulding